Photo Gallery, NDGW Home

Below are some photos of the inside of the home.  Click on each to enlarge.  The photos of the rooms for guests can present some difficult angles without special camera lenses, so please bear in mind that they don't necessarily do justice to the actual appearance of the rooms.  If anyone has more pictures, please feel free to email me!  I'd really appreciate it!  Captions are below some of the photos; the guest room examples begin below the TV room, and do not have captions.  I chose representative rooms in which I thought I could get somewhat decent pictures, so not every room will be posted.  I didn't keep track of the room numbers, so I'm afraid you'll have to explore for yourself when you visit!

one view of the entry hall

a second view of the entry way

the dining room

the lounge, taken from the right side

the lounge, taken from the left side

the museum area, (unfortunately a bit blurry)

the meeting area

the TV room on the 3rd floor